Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 19 - 25

November 19th
Emma showing me her necklace she found

She is so into necklaces right now. 
She has 2 on
Mary running around telling me that I can't get a picture of her
November 20th
They all fell asleep watching tv
After I took these pictures I went downstairs when I came back Emma had her head on my moms feet. It looked so uncomfortable that I moved her and she woke up. She looked and me put her head back on her feet and went to sleep.
Lily trying to grab grandpa's mustache
November  21st
Mary looks so grown up here
Curlers in there hair for bed
November 22nd
Happy Thanksgiving
Emma found a ring and just loved it
Anika saw the camera  out so she needed her picture taken
November 23rd
Lily's poor little face got dry and red
November 24th
Grandma's little helpers
Emma putting stickers on grandpa's shirt
Emma's hair is still curly from Wednesday
Lily getting the little tree
Moved on to the blocks they were more fun to play with
November 25th
Emma picked out her own clothes and was so proud of how well she did