Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 20 - 26

 August 20th
Playing at the park
 I really like the swing
 Mary wouldn't even get off them and play on the playground
 August 21st
Daniel's mom took me, Daniel, Emma, and Mary to Cowabunga Bay
Emma loved the lazy river
 Emma got in trouble so she had to make dinner
 Mary telling Anika to be nice to Lily
Anika really likes the bounce and wants to sit in it
 Lily eating baby cereal for the first time
She loved it!! She would grab my hand to get the spoon in her mouth faster. And would cry when I had to get more food on the spoon
August 22nd
Mary and Emma watching TV
Anika is not the only one that likes to sit in the bouncer
 August 23rd
They look like they are trying to figure something out
I thought if they want to play in the water that is fine but I wanted them in swimming suits
So I got out the Dora sprinkler 
Emma went right in but Mary and Leah were not sure about it
Leah did not like it
Mary just wanted some water
But she didn't like getting wet either
Dawson's first baseball game
 Mary sat and watched for a long time
 Emma was walking aorund
 Tama helping Dawson get his helmet on
 Dave talking to Dawson
 Mary is still sitting and watching
 Dave pitching
 Aimee, Angie, Emma, and Micheal walking around
 Mary got up to join them
 Dawson getting ready to hit the ball
 He got it
 All the kids playing by the score board
Coming back over
 Aimee doing a hand stand
 Dawson on second base
 Richelle with Leah and Anika
 Going to third
 Dawson didn't like his helmet on so he gave it to Tama
 The kids running up the hill
 Anika didn't get to go
 Running to home base
 Lily came too
 Daniel playing with the kids on the hill
 The girls didn't want to come back
 Tama pitching
 Running to first base
 The kids wanted to play at the park
 August 24th
Mary's second hair hair (I think)
 Putting a puzzle together with grandpa
 August 25th
 We were playing at grandma and grandpa Sagers house when Bryce, Maria, and David came walking through the door. THey made a surprise visit from California.
 Lily not sure what to do with the toy
 August 26th
Lily playing with a cup so I can eat
 Anika checking on Lily
 Grandma Phillips birthday
 Leah found a hat
 Helping grandma open presents
 3 little princess 
 Leah didn't like the water being on so I didn't get a picture of her