Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 18 - 24

July 24th

July 23rd
Eating with Tanner
July 22nd

July 21st

July 20th
Water slide at Jaiden's house
Mary loved the hose.

I love that Emma is on the slide and Jaiden is sliding down the grass

Popsicle time
July 19th
Turning lights on and off

July 18th

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 11 - 17

July 17th

July 16th
Heading to the beach

Mary and Rob
Going in the water with daddy
Mary didn't like the water

But she loved the sand
and the bubbles

Me and Milly
Milly, Me, and Tabbitha
Daniel kicking the waves
I love this photo

Emma showing Tanner what she found
Looking for the shell crabs in the pool. The people that were next to us asked if we were Mormons when we said yes she laughed and said her and her family were visiting from West Jordan Utah. Out of all the people on the beach we were next to them was very funny to me. The pool was there for there little boy to play in and all the kids loved it.

July 15th

July 14th

July 13th

July 12th
A tree we saw on the way to the lake to feed the ducks

Mary would go behind everyone else and eat the popcorn before the ducks could get it.

July 11th
Mad at me for making her get off the table