Friday, April 30, 2010

Disneyland Day 2

We went to California Adventures on day 2

So excited to go
The Carousel

Waiting for Richelle and Laurel

Donald Duck signing Emma's book. He wasn't really taking pictures with people.
Daisy Duck
I was way excited to see her she only comes out a few times a year.
Emma loved her.

We had lunch with the princess's

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White
The desserts
I was taking a picture of there family and Emma got in it and Laurel went out.

Waiting for fireworks


The flowers on the light post
Set siting in the middle of the road waiting for fireworks. In the end it didn't matter that he sat there for 30 min once it got close people just stood in front of him.

The fireworks were great they had music to go with them.

Tiki Room

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disneyland Day 1

Waiting for the train.

On the train

Mickey Mouse's house

Mickey Mouse

This little girl was going into Mickey Mouse's house at the same time and just loved Emma. She was walking with us almost the whole time and when we got out she was there. She tired to give Emma hugs. Emma didn't really want to but she did finally give her one.
Minne Mouse

We left and came back after naps and there wasn't as many people coming in so we got a picture.
In line to see Aladdin and Jasmine

Emma didn't want to ride in the strollers so she pushed them
Mary was sleeping in the stroller and I was taking a picture of Daniel and Emma when a guy walked in front of them. He felt bad so he asked if he could take one of all of us.

Jungle cruise
This is the ride I lost Mary's binky. She was crying I went to put her binky in her mouth and it fell I hit it with my hand and it went in the water. We had an extra one but I felt bad that it went in the water.
The girls eating chips
After the Tiki room

Ready to be done for the day

We went to the Rainforest Cafe we called and got reservations so we could sit inside. When we called they had 8:15 pm and when we got there we still had to wait and we sat right by the store so we didn't even get to see everything. We had a really bad experience and don't know if we will go back to that one again. But the day was fun we got to go on lots of rides and see lots of characters.