Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 23 - 29

July 23rd
Eating popsicles  with the Smith kids!
July 24th
Emma buckled her horse in the car seat
So Mary put hers in the stroller
Last day in our house in Maryland
Cleaning time
Or drum time
Emma getting in on the fun
July 25th
We turn our house keys in the day beofre so we spent the night at the Smith's house.
Playing with Tanner one last time before we leave!
We will miss the Smith Family!
I missed the picture welcoming us into Virgina 
But I got the one for North Carolina
South of the border
Welcome to South Carolina
Daniel surprised me and we stayed the night in Myrtle Beach
Our hotel Captain's Quarters 
We could see the ocean
The headphones that the girls had on most of the drive so they could hear the movie and so Me and Daniel could listen to music
Waiting for Daniel to check us in so we could get out for the car
One of the 15 swimming pools the hotel had

The gate to the beach
"Can we go play in the water"
I am not in very many pictures and this is why it's hard to turn the camera on me without squishing Lily into me. 
I wanted Lily to feel the water
She didn't really know what to think
Daniel didn't think I took her out deep enough so he took her
Mary running away from the waves
Emma held out longer but eventually ran away as well
Daniel taking Emma out
All of us at the beach
Sand castle time
July 26th
We made it to Georgia to Grandpa and Grandma Snider's house
I missed the welcome to Georgia sign 
Emma was mad because we didn't go swimming right away
July 27th
Emma had the arm floatation on and loved it she was swimming all over the place
Emma would jump off the ladder and swim
Mary didn't like the arm floatation but she love the floats
Grandpa showing Emma how to swim

July 28th
Mine and Daniel 5 year anniversary!
We went to dinner and a movie it was nice to have some time alone!
Great Grandma Snider had a bowling kit that she brought over for the girls to play with
Getting it all set up
Having to wait for the picture. They are so patient with me and all the pictures I take
Mary's turn
Emma didn't want me to take a picture of her so Mary went again
Getting in the box of toys
Picking out a movie

July 29th
Family picture before we take off
It was fun to see grandpa and grandma.
Lily taking a nap
Welcome to Alabama
I missed the welcome sign for Mississippi but got the welcome center
Welcome to Tennessee
The hotel we stayed at
We were on the 14th floor
Happy to be out of the car
They all were
The wall was a big window
The swimming pool from our window
Me, the trees and the parking lot
It was a nice hotel that we got a great deal on with hotwire.