Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 18 - 24

April 24th

Playing the wii while Tracy and I made dinner

All ready to eat The eggs we did
All ready to find the eggs Mary was going around picking up all the toys and putting them in her basket
Looking for the last egg

Mary's basket Emma telling me she had money in her eggs Tracy just missed working so much she needed to count the money Jenna found

Mary with eggs down her shrit

One last picture before they leave

April 23rd

Bunny day

Here are the baskets we got

Mary saw the baskets 1st

Emma got a puzzle

Mary looking at her basket

Getting ready to go on a trolley tour

Jenna and Katie

6th largest cathedral

National Cathedral

View from the top floor of the Cathedral

Gargoyles that they have all around the Cathedral

From the top floor in the Cathedral

Tracy, Jenna, Katie, Emma, and Mary

You can see Washington Monument it's hard to see but it is out there


Waiting for the trolley

So happy while waiting

Keeping the girls entertain

This one I will have to get from Tracy

Mary finally gave in

It's right there

No it's right there

Give me that burger

A fountain were we ate lunch

Georgetown Cupcakes

The line to get into Georgetown Cupakes 2 1/2 hours wait

Emma had to much fun she wore herself outThe White House

April 22nd

We went bowling it was so much fun

Jenna let Emma come help her

I should have got a better picture but Daniel got 4 strikes in a row

Mary got a turn to help Tracy

Tracy and Jenna

I don't know if Derek got a strike right here but I took his picture

Katie got a strike

The food Jenna got a strike Emma got worn out

April 21st

My sister Tracy and her family came to visit. The first thing we did was going swimming at there hotel.

April 20th

Daniel helped me put highlights in my hair.

I love how it turned out and think Daniel did a great job

April 19th

April 18th

We had a Harry Potter marathon I went to the store and got all the horcruxes

The cake I made

Looking everywhere for the crown

She found the crown but didn't care to get the movie so Daniel had to get that

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw

Tom Riddle's Diary

Our dinner Nagini the snake (spaghetti pizza) Helga Hufflepuff's cup and Marvolo Graunt's ring

I had the locket too but I forgot to take a picture of it. What I did was put one of the horcruxe in a different room with a movie with it. Daniel and Emma had to find them all I told them was the room and they had to look around to see if they could find one. We ended up watching the 1st movie 3rd movie 5th movie and the 7th movie (last horcruxe Harry Potter) Daniel didn't know I bought it. It was fun to plan it and Daniel had so much fun. I also made him and invtie that said

Mr. D Snider

The bedroom above the garage

Ft Meade
When he opened it up it said find the 7 horcruxes