Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21 - 27

March 28th

Bryce bought a book about auto correct text message and we were laughing so hard. We got a glass coffee table when we got married but the glass broke so Daniel and I made it into a ottoman like thing. Daniel cut some wood to fit the opening and I got a foam padding and covered it with some fabric I had. The girls love to climb on it.

March 27th

Making music with Bryce

March 26th

DC we have been here since July 2010 and now just got down to DC to see the museums we only went to one so we have more to see but we couldn't do it all in one day.

I thought it was funny that so many people were doing this
but me and Bryce were right along there with them. It was crazy to look up and see how far up it is.

The hope diamond

March 25th

March 24th

I am so mad we went bowling but I forgot my camera!! It was the girls first time going and I am sad I didn't get pictures. Bryce did get some video's and Daniel's aunt Darleene took some pictures on her phone.

March 23rd

My brother Bryce and his wife Maria came and gave the girls gifts.

Emma got a fairy costume and the white dog

Mary got the skirt and a headband.
March 22nd

Mary trying to help put away groceries
March 21st

We went to the park and had so much fun. I am loving the warm weather.

Daniel had the day off so we planted flowers Mary really wanted to help

Mary loves giving hugs!!