Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 21 - 27

November 27th

November 26th

November 25th
Fun at the park

Time to go home
20 weeks half way done
November 24th

I had to get a picture of the guys helping with dinner.

All of us in the aprons I made
November 23rd

Emma pulling Mary around on the floor. Mary was loving it they were both laughing so hard they didn't get to far.
So Mary thought she would try pulling Emma.
November 22nd
I made aprons.

November 21st

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 14 - 20

November 20th

Emma wanted Hamburger Helper for dinner and was so excited when I said we could. She ran and got it and had me get out the camera to take a picture of her with it

November 19th

November 18th

November 17th
I need to do better at checking the mail. I went out and we had gifts and cards for Mary's birthday. But she was excited to get to open more things.

Got to play with play dough

November 16th

I colored my hair
November 15th

November 14th