Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 1 - 7

August 7th

Leah and Mary became good friends

August 6th
Harvest Day Parade
Waiting for the parade to start

Getting candy
Eating the popsicle they handed out
Grandpa showing them where the candy is
Mary found some
Nothing else coming and them looking to make sure
Time to head home. We were right at the start and they were handing out candy by the handful the girls got so much.
August 5th
Daniel holding AnikaGuitar playerPlaying with friends Alexis and BrooklynSwimming at Mandi and Brett's testing out the waterAlexis, Alyssa, Brooklyn, Mandi, and MaryAugust 4th
Playing with the puppy

Helping push Mary
Teaching Emma to swing
"I just want to go play" She wanted to go to the park but wouldn't put on her shoes so I wouldn't let her.
Hula hoop

Throwing the frisbee

Time to go home and Mary wasn't ready to leave
August 3rd
In Utah at uncle Bryce's house jumping on the trampoline Meeting new baby AnikaMommy hold meDaniel spinning DawsonAugust 2nd
So excited to go swimming

Ready to go in the water
Emma and Jaiden playingSnack time
Emma, Mary, JaidenWanting to play with the balloons on the way homeAugust 1st