Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 11 - 17

 June 11th
 June 12th
 With her hair back in a pony tail I think she looks older
 I love how she is crossing her legs
 She was having so much fun pretending to take pictures
 June 13th
 June 14th
 After doing Mary's hair like this I did Emma's because it help her bangs stay out of her face
 June 15th
We went swimming on the 14th and Lily got a little sun burn on her cheeks
 We went to Chuck E Cheese
163 tickets
 June 16th
 1st time in a Bumbo
 June 17th
 She really does like the Bumbo
 See the very next picture she was happy
 I let her wear some sparkly eye make up today because she was going up to sing to Daniel for Father's Day and I told her to go show him how pretty she looked and she was hiding from him and thought it was so funny
Trying to get a smile from Mary
Emma was mad because I took away her toy because she won't look at me
I am mad the flash didn't go off
I tried to get it lighter but it didn't really work
I love how she crossed her ankles