Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 24 - 30

September 24th
 These two are so cute!!
 They all play together so well
 Sitting up with the help on the boppy pillow
 She rolls over till she gets to the kitchen floor and than just hangs out here like this
 September 25th
We went to the library for story time that is why Mary has a name tag on
 September 26th
 New night gown my mom got the girls
 She was watching a movie and fell asleep
We went to the dollar store and got silly string
 Me and Mary got Emma as she was coming outside
 Emma coming to help us get get dad
 Me getting Emma
 Emma couldn't spray it by herself so I was helping her
 Mary didn't like it very much
 Daniel getting me
 Daniel getting Emma
 Mary likes it as long as it wasn't anywhere near her
 The cans were hard to push down and Emma was having a hard time
 Mary worried she was going to get sprayed
 Lily got to play to
 Emma trying so hard to get it to spray by herself
 Mary gave up with the silly string and went to swing
 but that didn't save her
 or Emma
 Lily loved the top to the cans
 September 27th
 Lily loves to swing
 Washing off the sucker
 Washing hands
 Lily was ready for a nap
 September 28th
Lily woke up early and took and fell asleep on the boppy
 Gardner Village with my parents
 I love my girls!!
 I am mad that it focused on the the steps and not the girls but they have cute smiles so I wanted to put  it on here
 Mary wouldn't come get in the picture
 Lily just wanted to play with Emma's hair
 Lily fell asleep she was so tired
 When we got home everyone was here helping to trim the apple tree
Shana looked up how to trim it and was telling the guys what to cut down and than she was cutting them smaller to take to the front of the house
 I love the look Mary is giving Ethan
 Leah playing in the playhouse
 Michael found a rope swing
 Aedan pushing Mary on the swing
 The headband  I just bought
 Grandpa Sagers pushing the girls
 Dave cutting down the tree
 Emma pushing Mary and Leah
 September 29th
 I got new things for the girls hair I was going to use them to make bows but they love them the way they are
 Lily loved to grab Daniel's hair
 Me and my mom went to the relief society meeting and my mom left her purse in the van and someone broke my window and took it. My mom had just went to the ATM and took out money and was really upset that is lost it.The next day she brought some money she thought I left her. But it truned out it was the money she got out so she only lost about $25 and her cell phone.
 Glass was everywhere
 September 30th
 I love Lily's blue eyes with the red shirt on