Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 21-26

June 26
Emma got bug bites a few days ago they are getting better but still there

June 25
My friend Alyssa and her little girl Alexis went with me and Emma up to Gateway to get pictures. Here are a few.
Emma would run away and cover her head when the water went off
both laughing and the water

We went around this time last year when I was pregnant with Mary so I had Alyssa take a picture for me

Trying to get Alexis to come with her
She wouldn't go so Emma went alone.

Mary stayed home and played with her grandparents and had so much fun with them
June 24

I love her smile I wish the picture would have been better
June 23

Matching outfits
June 22

June 21

This is my friends little girl Alexis she just turned one

June 14-20

June 20
We went to Loa, Utah my cousin just came home form his mission so we went to see him.
It was fun to see family but it was a 3 hour drive one way and we were glad to be home and out of the car.
June 19
We went to Midway to my nephew Zane's birthday party.

June 18
We went and saw Sponge Bob and Dora at RC Willey. We stopped by the house to get my mom and went there and after that to see my brother and his family and after that to my aunt and uncles. So we had another long day in the car.
At my aunts house by St. George. We stop there so the drive isn't as long it take about 8 hours to get there from Lemoore
Mary was in the walker so than Emma had to get in it as well. June 17
Leaving Lemoore we are going to miss it there we have been there for almost 3 years there.

June 16

June 15

June 14