Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hearst Castle

On February 13 we got in the car a went to San Simeon California to see Hearst castle. Daniel Said it didn't feel like a weekend so he wanted to go somewhere fun. We looked this place up online and it looked like fun so we got the girls in the car and made the 2 hour drive. When we got there the next tour left in about 5 minutes so we hurried and got the tickets and headed to the bus. As we were about to go out the door a guy told us to stop for pictures. So we stopped turned and looked at him and he took it. We were completely surprised by it but when we got done with the tour they were ready for us to look at. I liked them and asked Daniel if we could get them. They were more than we would have normally spent but I wanted a nice family picture of us. We sent a picture to our parents from the packet we got and if we wouldn't of got them we would only have the not so good pictures you are going to see now.

Daniel and Emma on the busThe castle taken on the tour bus on our way up there
Orange trees

The guest house
The view

Outdoor pool

The doors to the guest house.

Mary slept most of the time. She had to hold on to my shirt and when she feel deep asleep she let go and it woke her up every time is was funny.
The ceiling
The heaters
The bathrooms the shower is on the other side but I wasn't able to get a good picture of it.
The guest rooms

The guest house

The view

There doing updates
The main house

Emma wanted to get down and play but she couldn't touch anything so Daniel had to struggle with her.
The front door

The sitting room

Dining room

The ceiling in the dinning room

The door way into the lounge room
The only picture with a flash I forgot to turn it off.

Game room
This is the only rug we able to get really close to. The metal thing in front of it is for them to clean the ceiling they should be done with it in 3 years. That job would suck.

Fire place

This is how all the doors and widows are framed.
Theater room
The indoor swimming pool.

Ocean pictures

The drive home.