Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sequoia National Park

I am finally up to date. Yesterday my dad, Emma, and I went to Sequoia National Park. I live about 2 hours away from it. We were trying to stay out of the heat and it kind of worked. Instead of being in the 100's it was around the 80's.
At the visitor center.

Ready to get going she had a long enough break.
Waiting on us to come.

The tree is growing over the rock.
She wouldn't ride in her stroller but had to help push it.

The rock broke apart.

You could see through it to the other side.
Pine cones from the Sequoia's are bigger than my foot.
We walked/climbed to the top of Moro Rock.
The view from about half way up.
Emma had to climb the stairs on her own.
Finally she took grandpa's hand to make it easier.
We made it to the top.

You can see her hair in the wind. She does have some.
This is Moro Rock.

We saw a bear cub. It was just walking around trying to find a way around the crowd of people.

Emma was ready to go she had seen enough.
She even got in the stroller and told us what way to go.
And was happy when we went that way.
But than we stopped and got this look.
She was ready to go.
It was a long day. I was thinking we would spend just a couple hours but we ended up staying a lot longer than that. With travel and stopping for food we were gone for about 12 hours. We might not be able to move in the morning but it was beautiful up there. The leaves were even starting to change colors.
Where ever Emma goes she stops everyone and it was no different today. She has been missing all the attention she was getting in Utah and loved having everyone stop and talk to her. She would wave and blow kisses.

Gardner Village

My parents, Emma, and I went to Gardner Village and they had there decorations up for Halloween. They put up cute witches everywhere. It was fun to see Emma react to them.
This witch had a cat chasing a mouse.
Emma covered her mouth and laughed at it.
We got to see some ducks.
Some kids were feeding them so she was showing us were they went.

Emma loves to pet horses so I decided to let her ride one.

They also had a petting zoo so we walked around and got to pet animals.
The brown goat in front of us really like Emma. He would follow us around and try and eat her headband.

We went into a store and they had a bed she got up on it and was ready for a nap.
Waving bye to us so she could sleep.
Telling grandpa he can't go to bed.
Blowing kisses to us.
We didn't leave her and made her come with us and she got mad so we decided that it meant it was time to go home so she could get her nap. It was a fun day and are glad we were able to be there.