Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 24 - 30

December 24th
Playing in the snow
Making a snow angel
Grandma's home
Emma got her
So she got her back
right in the face
Our Christmas stockings are in a box somewhere
So I took the girls to the dollar store and they picked out a stocking to decorate
Phillips family party 
Sadie was begging for food and Lily couldn't understand what she was doing
My girls were angels again
Opening Christmas eve gifts
The girls love to help Lily
She was so excited to get Hello Kitty pj's
At first she didn't know what it was
than I told her it was Monster High pj's and she was so excited
All three girls in there new pj's
I love how you can see all their personalities
December 25th
Our fire place
Santa came
I forgot to get a picture of Emma with her stocking the day before

Emma helping Lily open the gift she got her
It was a cupcake and Lily loved it. Emma did a great job picking it out
Mary got a Leap Pad 2
Emma got a Monster High doll
She really wanted a pink one but she said Santa must have been to busy so she is just happy that she got a Monster High doll
Grandpa opening the gift from the girls
When I took Emma to the store she was trying to figure out what to get grandpa. At first she wanted to get him a ball. I asked what he would do with it and she didn't know. So she stopped and threw her hands up and told me she know the perfect gift. She said he would love a pillow because he likes to sleep. So she went and picked out the pillow and I got some pillow cases for them to put their hand prints on it like they had their arms out showing how much they loved them
They both loved it
Mary got candy
Lily was having so much fun she was playing with everyone's stuff
She was way more active than Emma was on her first Christmas because of her big sisters showing her what to do
My new ring from Daniel
Lily wanted to play with Emma's Monster High doll. She would sit there and try to open it for so long
Troy and Shannon gave them a Barbie movie
and hot chocolate
Lily got a light up wand she can chew on
Mary got Daniel a green frog
She was so funny when I took her to the store. When I asked what she wanted to get him she told me a green frog. I asked if she was sure and she said yes. We looked and looked and this was the only one I could find. She looked at it and said well it has black and yellow but I guess it will work.
Here is the gift that Mary bought Emma. She got her a little mermaid bath toy. It has a castle and a boat and 3 mermaids. Mary was so excited to get it for Emma. When we got home from the store she ran to Emma and told her she was going to love the mermaid bath toy she got her. I was trying to stop her so I don't know how much Emma heard but I am sure Mary told her a few times. On Christmas eve Mary ran into my room and told me that she still remembers what she got Emma and can't wait to play with it.
This was the first year that we took the girls out and let them pick out gifts for each other and it was so much fun. I can't wait to take them out again next year
David got 2 fire trucks
Mary and Emma got dress up clothes
David is such a busy little guy
Grandma and Grandpa Phillips
Cute blocks that looks like cake
Playing with cousins and new toys
Emma was so happy to get a pink Monster High doll and said Santa must have known grandma got me what I wanted.
Lily getting ready to sneeze
now back to opening gifts
The Princess and The Popstar Barbie
Daniel got wipeout for the wii
Lily is getting the hang of opening her gifts
Playing with the new dolls
Mary with her play earrings on
December 26th
Emma got to go sledding and have some alone time with Mommy and Daddy
Snow got on her face and she didn't like it
So she said she was going to go alone
She loved going alone and she would take her sled up and go over and over again
Going down together
We made snow angles
So cute!!
Her hat kept falling down and covering her eyes
Mary showing Lily her finger
Lily's top tooth came in today. She has the 2 bottom ones but I remember when
December 27th
Watching tv with Daddy before work
I love how Lily sticks her tongue out
Lily found Mary's apple
She would crawl to it and start eating it without her hands but soon found it was easier to pick it up
Grandma's birthday
Grandma getting the first bite
Grandpa painting Mary's finger nails
December 28th
lily found a friend
Lily was so funny when I was sitting next to her looking in the mirror she would go to kiss me. She was getting very mad that every time she would go to kiss me it was her she kissed. She trying to push her away.
She decided she likes Chelea better than the mirror
Just Dance Nickelodeon 
They got it last year for Christmas and didn't really like it. But they had a blast playing it now
My cute Mary posing for the picture
December 29th
Derick and Ragnhild brought down gifts
Lily helping Grandma with dinner
They got nightgowns and had them on all day. 
They love them
We could smell smoke around 4 p.m so we unplugged everything and the outlet was super hot.
The smell went away so we thought unplugging everything did the trick. But around 9 we could smell it again. Daniel was tired and said he would look at it in the morning. But when we could still smell it around 10 when the movie was over. He decided to take a look than. When he pulled the outlet out of the wall it was smoking. If he would have waited it would have started a fire. 
 December 30th
The girls got to wear their Christmas dresses 
I used to get a family picture once a week and with moving in with my parents things have got crazy. But I really like having the family pictures so I am going to work on getting them.