Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emma such a big girl

Pictures of the week

Daniel put Mary in Emma's toy stroller and let Emma push her around. We were both with them the whole time. They both loved it.

Making sure she likes it.

This is how Daniel puts on headbands.

Going out to play so I can make dinner.

Talking on the phone

Daniel gave Emma a ring pop.
She loved it.

Going out to the park.
Mary was awake the whole time we were out and as soon as we walked in the door she fell asleep.
Our ward scouts have a spaghetti dinner and a cake auction for a fundraiser. We bought two cakes.

Trying to get cake. She can reach things at the edge of the counters and I forgot and put the bear cake to close. She got the frosting on her fingers and freaked out and ran to Daniel and I to clean her hand off. It took forever to get her to put her fingers in her mouth to eat it. I had to take some off her finger and put it in her mouth.

Out for another day at park this time I brought the camera with us.

Emma would get close and than run away and laugh. I got on with Daniel to show her how and she said no and took my hand to get me off but she wouldn't get on.

Mary loved being outside.
Trying to get Emma to crawl through it. She would just laugh at him and say no.

Walking back home
Again was awake the whole time we were outside and as soon as we walked in the door she fell asleep

Saturday, January 30, 2010


All caught up

I was scrapbooking and she wanted to help so I put her in her booster seat and gave her crayons and a paper to color on. She looks so big.

Giving her baby doll a drink. This is way I have to keep my eye on her all the time. She is so helpful but she tries to do this with Mary as well as her dolls.

She didn't want to wear her head band I told her to give it to me so she through it to me.

She will lay down on her belly and read her books but I never get a picture this is the closet I have got.

Family picture 1/24/2010