Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's day card

Valentine's Day Card I made
Row Of Hearts Valentine's Day
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Jan 24 - 30

Jan 30th1st time with bows in her hair

Jan 29th
Making forts with daddy
They hit heads but went right back to playing
New outfits that I bought

Mary took Emma's milk
Jan 28th

Jan 27th

Jan 26th

Blowing kisses

It snowed
No flash
These pictures were taken at the same time
Jan 25th
Playing in the tent they got for Christmas

Jan 24th

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 17 - 23

Jan 23

Emma wanted me to take a picture of her
and another one
and another one.
After I took one she would come look at it and say cute take another one
Sewing table finished

Jan 22
I love you this much

Hugs for my birthday
We didn't have matches so I just pretended to blow it out
Jan 21
Leaf and legs
Almost done just need to paint the top

Jan 20
Getting ready to put the wheels on
Wheels on and one leaf

Jan 19
I started making a sewing table on the Monday the 17 but forgot to take pictures. Monday I spent most the time just cutting the board and sanding. And Tuesday sanding and putting it together.

Jan 18
This outfit is 18 months (Emma can still fit in it)

The pose smile
Up close pose smile
Jan 17
Lazy day I think they spent the whole day in there pj's