Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 18 - 24

February 18th
February 19th
Mary got a new note book
Emma all ready for dance
Lily on the move
 February 20th
New hair clips I got
Happy face
Sad face
Mad face
Chelae was crying because I laid her down and Lily didn't like it. She tried to talk to her to get her top stop but the crying didn't stop so Lily put her hand on her mouth.
Emma asleep
February 21st
I tell her to smile and this is what I get
More of the new hair clips I got
A new braid I tried out on my hair
February 22nd
I took the braid out and this is how my hair turned out
Coloring time
Mary wanted her picture taken with Mandi and Chelae
February 23rd
Fun at Derick and Ragnhild's house
They gave the girls umbrellas 
McCall opening his presents
Lily loved the globe
February 24th
She is so happy when she wakes up