Sunday, December 25, 2011


We were going to open gifts on Tuesday because Daniel has to work this weekend. But last night at 10:30 he calls and tells me he is getting off early and that we should do gifts in the morning.

So the girls were very surprised to see all the gifts under the tree

and toothbrushes
Emma loved to see what Mary got
Mary got a Strawberry movie and Emma got Nickelodeon Dance in there stockings.
Princesses dolls from Papa and Nana Snider
A puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa Sagers
Seeing if Mary got the same
She did!
Helping daddy open his
Emma showing me it had her name on it and asking if she could open it
Mary got a book from Grandma and Grandpa Phillips

Books for her tag from Papa and Nana Snider
Trying to open it
Emma really wanted to open and play with everyone of her presents before going to the next. But she couldn't get them open and Mary was just opening one after another so Emma wanted to keep up with her.
My Little Pony remote control car from Papa and Nana Snider
Emma's book from Grandma and Grandpa Phillips
Emma's Belle doll and dress
When Mary saw Emma open a big one she had to get her big one and open it

Emma can see what it is and can't believe it
Mary still working on it but she knows it is the Disney Princess barbie dolls
I got a cute video of the girls talking all about the 7 dolls in it
Helping me open my gift so I can take pictures

Trying to see what it is
"It's a guitar like the one daddy has in my closet! I love it!!"

Showing us she got a Rapunzel doll and dress
Emma thought she was done till we told her there was one more from Grandma and Grandpa Phillips
It's a pillow pet!!
THis was the only thing she really wanted and was so happy to get it
Mary was happy for her as well
Than we told her she had a bag to open as well
Daniel was telling her to grab the bag and pull her arms up. She didn't understand the holding the bag part
He than put it in her hands and she tried to pull it up but it didn't quite work
So Emma came to help her
And than Mary saw it was her own pillow pet and that it was a kitty cat
Turning to give it a kiss so we wouldn't see.
Than Emma saw that there was a gift still behind the tree for the whole family
"It's an pano" which also means piano
Daniel tuning the guitar
Playing with the My Little Pony car
In her Rapunzel dress

In her Belle dress

We are going to have a band soon!!

It was a great Christmas and so fun to watch the girls open there gifts I was glad we were able to do it today. Now have a whole week to play with everything and have Daniel home to enjoy it as well. This was the 1st year that we have had Christmas at home. Well I have to go and play Nickelodeon Dance with the girls!