Saturday, September 24, 2011

August 22 - 28

August 28th
August 27th
Out to my brothers house for dinner. My mom got there boys guitars and my girls loved them.

August 26th
I love her purse and so did she.

August 25th
Jungle Jims with grandma Phillips and cousins.
All of them on the swings
Mary and Dawson
Leah and Emma

August 24th

August 23rd
Pony Express Reenactment

My aunt Jo on her horse
Cooling the horse down and the girls are loving being able to run around.
Mary alone
Loving being on the horse

Got a little worried when it started to move
Emma alone

We lost two parts for the trailer so we had to go search for them.
We were only able to find one but had something with us that worked for the other part. Again the girls were just happy to be running around.
We got lost and drove around quite a bit that night but once the girls finally gave in and went to sleep it was much better. We were out all night and it took a few days to get enough sleep. But it was fun to see Jo ride her horse.
August 22nd

Sunday, September 18, 2011

August 15 - 21

August 21st

August 20th
When I got home it woke them up but I was okay with that because I needed a picture
Mary just wanted to go back to sleep
August 19th
Emma helping feed David
Out at Troy and Shannon's house for dinner and the girls looking out the window at something
Mary showing Shannon what is on TV
Emma and Rileah playing
August 18th

Went to the park up the street from my parents house with my friend Alyssa and her 2 girls.
Emma's first time (that I know of) going down a tube slide
Made the landing but wouldn't go down again.
I love the way she was walking

Alexis and Emma holding hands on the way home
August 17th
reading outside with grandma

August 16th

August 15th
I was a week late and going to Lagoon with my brother so I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test. I was very shocked when it came back positive. I am so excited and can't wait till April to meet the new little one that will join our family.
Giving loves to grandpa