Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 24-31

Oct 31

We didn't go trick-or-treating tonight but Emma loved handing out candy more.

Oct 30
Ward trunk-or-treat

She had to throw a ball through the ghost eyes or mouth
She won!!!

Trying to take Emma's candy

Rolling around in the grass

Oct 29

Oct 28
We had story time on base and it was superhero's. So I made the girls a superman shirt and bought them tutu's. It was so fun they had some local hero's come talk to us. There was military men and there dogs and Mary loved that. When the dog would go after the man she was laughing and clapping. They also had a cop come and tell us what he does. Fireman came and told us about the firetrucks and what they have to wear.

Than we went back into the library and a sailor came and read them a story and told him about his job on the ship.

Oct 27

Oct 26

Oct 25

Oct 24

Tuesday, October 26, 2010