Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mary Lucille Snider

Mary Lucille Snider was born on Friday November 13 2009 in Lemoore Ca at 9:53 am. She was 7 lbs 12.8 oz and 20 in long. Everything went well and we are now home and very happy. Daniel's mom came down for the weekend. She got her Thursday night. I had a doctors appointment that day and was having contractions every ten minutes apart all day. Than she got here we went to bed and they started getting closer together. I finally woke Daniel up around 4:30 am and we called the hospital and they said to come in and they would check me. I had a contraction getting into the car and then none on the drive over. I was all worried that I was making more of it than it was. But once I got out of the car and started the door I couldn't walk because of the pain. Someone going to work saw us and went in to get me a wheelchair. Once the contraction ended I was able to walk again and made it to the door where they had me a wheelchair and took me up to labor and delivery. They put me in a room and the nurse checked me I was dilated to a 4 she went and called the on call doctor Dr. Schipper and she said for me to stay. After that the paper work had to be filled out and an IV got started. With Emma I got to the hospital and wasn't in any pain and got the paper work filled out fast but this time having to stop every 4 to 5 minutes it felt like it would never end. They gave me my IV while I was having a contraction and when Daniel saw it go in he got light headed and and to sit down for a few minutes to get feeling better. They got him a chair so he could sit by the bed and hold my hand. After I got the IV they said the doctor was on her way and would be there soon. When she got there she said the anesthesiologist was on her way so she would wait till I was more comfortable to check me. The anesthesiologist got there around 7 am. When she was getting ready Daniel was coming to stand by me and I told him he might want to stand back. They nurse and anesthesiologist asked why and when I told them he didn't feel to good when I got my IV they had him go get crackers from the nurse in the hall. When he left they said you can tell it's true love when he has sympathy pains for me. He ate the crackers and sat in a chair in front of me. Once I got the epidural things were much better. I got some rest Daniel went and got food so that he wouldn't get light headed again. Around 9 I started to feel the contractions getting harder. I pushed the button for more meds but it would beep and not help me. So they called the anesthesiologist to come back. But by they time she got there I told her that I felt like I needed push. She went and got the nurse to check me to see if I did. The nurse looked and sure enough I was ready. The doctors had changed so they call Dr. Lau to come for the delivery. When he got there he had enough time to set everything up and I was really ready to push. The anesthesiologist was on the right side of me and Daniel was on the other side and I pushed about 5 times and Mary was here. They put her on my belly and wiped her down and Daniel got to cut the cord. With Emma I got to cut the cord I was glad Daniel was able to be here this time to do things like that. They had me nurse on both side before they took her to get her weight and measurements. She nursed for an hour and 20 minutes and it seemed like the longest hour and 20 minutes we were very anxious to get all the info. We only had to stay in for 24 hours and it's so nice to be home. I was very glad that they let Emma come to the hospital to see us. I have never not been there for Emma when she got up and I was missing her. So far Mary is a great little baby. She wake up at night and looks around for most of the night and sleeps most of the day. While Daniel is home that is okay because I will be able to take naps but I am trying to get it so she sleeps more at night. Mary loves to be held and will sleep as long as I don't move. I am trying not to hold her as much but it's hard to put her down.
Getting tips on how to hold her.

Getting her outfit warmed up before putting it on her to go home. Our room was cold.
She loved the warming bed.
Her cute little shoes.

Home sweet home.

Last days as an only child.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We got a new table. While my dad was here one of our chair wheels broke off. When Daniel got home we went and got plastic glue to fix it and Daniel used it for about 2 weeks. Than the other day I sit in it and broke it again. I didn't even thunk anything of sitting in his seat I felt so bad. We decided to just go buy new chairs instead of always having to fix it. But when we started looking for chairs they were more than we wanted to pay for just chairs. We just got a whole new set. We were going to wait till we moved but I am sure glad to have it now. It's so nice. Before we had a circle table and now as you can see it's rectangle so I am making table runners for it. I now have things to keep me busy till Mary gets here.


We got Emma a fish so that when Mary does get here she will have something to keep her entertained while I take care of Mary . Emma loves watching him swim around. She will point and say fish. It's so cute. It might move up to her room but for now it's in our kitchen so that we can make sure the water levels are good. I'm glad Daniel is here because I have no clue how to take care of the tank so he has been teaching me. We are going to get one more fish in a few weeks but for now Emma is good with one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family time

Daniel has been off work all week so we have been spending family time. It has been great having him home. Emma loves playing with him they run around after each other something I can't really do anymore. He goes back to work tomorrow I hope Emma and I will be able to find things to do so she isn't to sad he's not here to play with. We are still waiting for Mary. Not much is happening she is nice and comfortable in my belly. I go to the doctors again on Thrusday morning I hope they have some good news. When we went last week I was dilated to one. With Emma I was dilated to a two for a few weeks. I am just hoping to go on my own and not have to be started again. I guess time will tell we will just take things easy. I asked her to smile to get her picture and this is the pose I got.

Trying to put her shoes on.
She couldn't do it so Daddy helped her.
Eating some Halloween candy.
It's all gone
Trying to be like daddy.
You can't get me.
But I can get you.
It's so nice to be all together again.

Uh oh
She plays so good by herself.

She got a princess potty.

Checking things out.
Sitting on it
. She isn't quite ready for it she doesn't like to sit on it without her pants on. It plays music when it gets pee in it. We put water in it so she could hear it.
Watching a movie on the computer with daddy.
Now she is watching it on the tv. It is the ABC's she likes to dance to the music.
Getting ready for bed. Doesn't she look like she is going to sleep?