Friday, December 12, 2008


We had Daniel's children squadron Christmas party tonight. We had pancakes and that the kids sang songs and they read a story waiting for Santa come. I was worried that Emma was going to hate sitting on Satnas lap but I was wrong. She was fine and tried to take the present out of his hands. She got a ball that will hopefully help her to crawl. Emma has been rolling over to the Christmas tree and trying to open her gifts so it was fun to see her finally get to open one.

They gave all the kids elf hats. Emma kept hers on for about 5 minutes and than wanted to play with the bell on the end and found it easier to do if she wasn't wearing it.

Emma loved sitting on Santas lap.

They gave all the kids teddy bears she was happy to get one.

The two little girls we watched for a few hours so their parents could get all their stuff moved into their house.

Emma likes to feed herself

She is reading the night before Christmas

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Projects

My mom gave me these cookie jars and I painted them.

When we got our tree I was looking at tree skirts and couldn't believe how much they were. So I came home and went through the fabric I had and made my own.

Emma was outside with us putting up our lights outside and it was kind of cold so I put her coat on her to keep her warm

She loves to play with the decorations. Every time I would put them in the basket she would roll over to it and pull them out one at a time till they were out and than look at me and smile.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We went out and got a tree and got it all decorated last night. I went out the day after Thanksgiving and got presents and I couldn't wait to to put them under the tree. Now all I have to do is make the skirt so I can put them under there. Emma was having fun playing with the bulbs. She had three around her she would reach for them but only pushed them farther away from her. She would go for one and couldn't get it than look up at me and make noise. When I didn't do anything she would go for the one on the other side of her and when she couldn't get it she would make noise. When I still didn't do anything so went for the one behind her and couldn't get that one either so she started to cry. I asked Daniel to help her out and when he looked over to where she was sitting he saw that she was in the middle of a triangle. It was a fun night.


So Emma has been eating rice cereal for about a month and she really likes it. What she doesn't like is how long it takes me to give her some. So she grabs my had and put the spoon in her mouth and doesn't want to give it back.