Monday, March 30, 2009

Daddy's home

Going through Daniel's day planner.Daddy won't be home on this day.Daddy will be on this day.All done looking.Our new bed set that we bought.
10 months old.
I can't believe how fast it has gone. Glad to have daddy back home. When I opened the door and she saw Daniel she got so excited and started to reach for him. It was great to see she knew him and missed him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun times

Playing with toys.

Getting into Daniel's DVD
The tube the inhaler hooks to

Playing after bath time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Having fun

With Emma being sick we have just been at home relaxing. She is getting better and back to her old self. She has been sleeping through the night which is nice for me. She has also taken two naps in the day which have helped me out as well. I am trying to get some cleaning done and she makes it very hard to do. We have had lots of fun this week playing at home.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Long week

Well Emma has been having some difficulty breathing so I took her to the doctors today. We found out she has Bronchiolitis which is an inflammation of the small passages in the lungs, usually caused by a viral infection. I think she picked it up in Disneyland. She should be better within a week. But I have to keep a eye on her because it could get worse. We will be staying home so she can get better and so she doesn't give it to anyone else. She doesn't act sick but you can hear it when she breathes it's really loud. The doctor said that there wasn't anything to give her to make it better, but he did give us a inhaler I have to give to her every 4 hours.
Doesn't she look sick?
She can stand all by herself
I had her bottle by me and when I got up it rolled over to the side when I sat back down fell forward. Later as Emma was playing on the floor and saw it and took a drink.
Playing on the computer.
She has to get close so she can get everything in her head.
Daniel has left for a couple of weeks so every night before she goes to bed we stop to look at his picture she touches it and laughs and than leans forward and gives it kisses. I don't even get kiss. But I can't get mad because it is just so cute.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disneyland Day 1

Emma's first train ride. We went with Daniel sister Tama and her family. They had birthdays so we got to celebrate with them.
It's a small world
Emma would look at everything and clap her hands.
What they put in for St. Patrick's day.
They remolded it and put in Disney characters in the ride.

After it's a small world we went to Toontown.
Daniel and Dave took the twins on a ride. Daniel rode with Dawson and Dave rode with Aimee.
Tama and Dave took there kids to see Mickey Mouse but Emma fell asleep so we walked around Toontown. This is one of the pay phones they had there. But it wasn't working.

Micheal after seeing Mickey Mouse.
Emma trying to take things off of a rock. But it was part of the rock the things she was trying to grab. After awhile she looked up and me and screamed because she couldn't get it.

Day one was fun we didn't stay to long we left around 6:30 p.m. to eat dinner and after dinner we were all tired so we called it an night.

Disneyland Day 2

From where are hotel was it was faster to go through another hotel to get into Disneyland. We decided to look around it. It was the Grand California Hotel. We went up to the top floor and could see Disneyland from there. We want to stay there someday.
We went to California Adventures. This is where we entered from the hotel.

Emma got a little scared by Handy Manny.

She got really scared here. She would look back at him and scream. One of the workers got her attention and was dancing around so Emma would smile.

Daniel sister Tama and her family with Mickey and Minnie.
Emma liked them from a distant.
All of us together.
While we were waiting in line Emma got to ride on her daddy's shoulders. He made her get down because she was drooling. I made him keep her up there so I could get a picture.
Tama and Dave
While we were waiting for our turn on the ride we got out the cookies we brought with us. Daniel let Emma have one. I was getting poncho's for Daniel, Dawson, and I so we wouldn't get wet and cold on the ride. When I got back Emma had the cookie almost gone and no bib so I put it on her so she wouldn't get her outfit as dirty as her face is.

The line was short so Tama came on it with us as well. I had never been on it before and was screaming and she was laughing at me so I think I made it better the second time around.
Once the sun went down it got cold and to keep Emma's hands warm we put on gloves. She had two sets on, one that was to small and one that was to big.
She was so happy to stand.

We went to Rainforest cafe for dinner. Emma loved to look at the fish.

We were celebrating Tama, Micheal, Aimee, and Dawson's birthday so they got banana splits. It was a long day so by the time we got to our table Dawson fell asleep and later Aimee and Micheal did as well. Aimee and Micheal woke up right before the banana splits came.
Daniel's step brother, Dave and his girlfriend, April came from LA to have dinner with us.

Day two was longer than day one. Emma fell asleep at the restaurant and slept all the way back to the hotel. I was worried she would wake up when we got there but didn't. I took her shoes, socks, coat, and gloves off and she didn't wake up. I got her out of the stroller and put her in the playpen and she still didn't wake up. She had one little nap while we were walking around so she was way tired.