Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 22 - 28

 October 22nd
October 23rd
Emma trying on Grandma's witches hat
October 24th
Daniel took Emma and went to the store to pick something I needed for dinner. It was taking so long for him to get back. I got my phone to call him and saw I missed his call. I tried to call him back but he didn't answer. I few minutes later he came in the door. Emma came into the kitchen and told me all around her belly hurt. I said well we will eat dinner in a little bit and it will make it feel better. Than I went upstairs to visit with my visiting teacher. 30 minutes later I went back downstairs and Daniel was on the phone with some guy saying that it was okay and they were both fine. When he got off I asked what was going on and than he told me that someone had rear ended them. He was stopped at a red light and it turned green. He took his foot off the gas but before he could get going the guy hit into the back of him. The guy had dropped something and was looking down and saw the cars on the other side of him moving so he started to go without looking in front of him. After I found this out I went up to Emma to make sure she was okay. Daniel said she told him nothing hurt and I said that the first thing she said to me when I got home is her belly hurt. So we both checked her and asked again and she said it didn't hurt and she was fine. She said her seat belt just got tight on her belly. I am glad they are both fine. We were always worried about getting rear ended in Maryland because lots of cars had dents. But it turns out Utah has been worse for our car.
I love the looks Mary gives me
October 25th
Snow day!!
All ready to go outside
Making a snowman
Angie came out before she went to school
Angie made a heart out of her footprints and Emma walked right though it
Leah came out and helped us finish the snowman
Angie made another heart
Mary and Leah wanted to swing instead of make a snowman
Leah and her cute smile
Mary and her cute smile
Mary checking out Emma's work on the snowman
Leah was throwing the snow in the air
Throwing snowballs at me
The snowballs were getting close to the camera so I told her I didn't want her to throw them at me. So she walked over to Mary and Leah
But all that did was get Mary to come after me
Mary ready to go back inside
Emma and Leah playing in the water
The snowman didn't last long. By the time we went in the kids had already knocked it over. But they had fun making it and playing in the snow
I love how she sticks her tongue out
Playing in the snow made Mary tired
October 26th
I braided Leah's hair and think it turned out so cute
Getting ready for another Halloween party
Lily was having fun watching everyone
Throwing the bean bag in the pumkin
Ghost poop was the prize
All three girls won!
Lily wanted to be in the picture too
well at least my mom wanted her in the picture
Pin the nose on the pumkin
Mary put it up to fast for the picture but you can see it in the background
Three beautiful girls with the scarecrows
Mary did so good she just wanted the candy and just took the balls and threw them. 
All three of them made it!
Emma made 2 out of 3
Making a jack-o-lantern
Mary fished and went to get her face painted
Emma is a little bit more like me and has to sit there and get everything in just the right place
Mary told the lady painting her face that she wanted to be a clown
Emma was finally finished
My mom getting Lily's nose and whiskers painted back on. She was sitting so good till she saw me
Emma getting her face painted
October 27th
Another Halloween party 
Lily was a pumkin
Emma was a butterfly
Mary was the princess bumble
October 28th
Wearing aprons that my mom just found
Mary trying to fix the fridge