Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For family night we carved pumpkins. We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but didn't know where one was. Daniel looked for one online and it said they were closed for the season because all the pumpkins were gone. So we just went to the store and pick some out. Emma got a little one a few weeks ago so it was just for Daniel and I. We weren't able to be together last year so I was excited to be able to do this as a family. Emma made it through the cleaning out part and than was ready to be done. She helped Daniel clean his out but didn't like the feeling of it.

Emma took this picture.
I took this one and didn't know she zoomed in on the last one but you can see that Emma is happy and smiling so I wanted to put it up.

She wanted to help so bad. I let her help me draw mine and she was fine after just a couple lines.
Than she saw Daniel cleaning out hos and wanted to help him.
So I put her in her high chair and she didn't want to touch it.

The finished project
Mine is on the left and Daniel's is on the right.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy week

Cleaning up after dinner.

At the airport saying bye to grandpa. We enjoyed having him here.

Daddy gets home today.
Not here yet.
He's home and we get to watch movies.

Driving in the car while shopping.

Playing with daddy and the neighbor girls.
It's fun building with daddy.

Together again.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Together again

Daniel is home!! He got in last night around 7 he got to fly in but was on the last flight. Emma and I went to his work to pick him up. He took her from me and she looked at him than wanted me back I put her down and Daniel walked down the hall and she followed him. She didn't want to get to close but she wanted to see what he was doing. When we got home I made dinner and they watched a movie. Emma sat on Daniel's lap and watched it with him it was so cute to see them together. This morning Daniel got Emma out of bed and she has been fine with him. Daniel had to go to work today and when he left Emma was very sad and kept going to the door to get him. It is great to be together as a family again. Pictures to come.
On another note. I had a doctors appointment and we all went to it. Emma didn't like it when we shut the curtain so Daniel had to hold her most of the time to stop her from crying. Everything is looking good for Mary. I am measuring up right now so Mary has moved and isn't in my back as much. She is still head down and I go back every week now.Her heartbeat was around 153. I have 3 in half weeks left and can't wait to have her here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy week

This week we haven't done much just sit around the house relax. I did have to go to Fresno to get an ultra sound because I have been measuring up small. When they did the ultra sound she is actually bigger than they thought she was. I went on Tuesday and she was 6 lbs and 5 oz. From her measurements the due date wold be November 6th. Everything is looking good I just hope I go into labor on my own because if I have to wait for a week after my due date (the 16th) she could be a very big baby. I go to the doctors on Thursday the 22nd so I will know more than.

I got the swing out for when Mary gets here and she had to sit in it. She was having so much fun. I hope she will share with Mary.

Doesn't she look so tired. This is how she is almost every night. But she goes to bed pretty good most nights.

Loves to read. She will go get her books out and sit on the floor and read them. Now all I need to do is get her to put them away.

Loves being outside.
Went outside without shoes on and got dirt all over her feet.

On the move
Not always happy

Loves her dolls.
Getting diapers so that I will change her.
I am hoping her teeth come in soon her hands are always in her mouth.