Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry it has been so long since that last post. Daniel left and took the computer so I didn't have one till I got to Utah. Once I got here everyday has gone by fast and I haven't had time to update. We have been having fun seeing everyone and enjoying the time with family. We have gone to birthday parties, to the park, a graduation, bowling, swimming, gone on walks, and many more things.
Her 1st piano lesson.
Out to eat with family.

Playing with her cousins and uncle Jarod.

Liked walking around the pool better than swimming in it.

Going for a walk and she would rather be walking than being pushed.

Reading the Book Of Mormon.

Getting her hair all pretty.

At my nieces high school graduation.

I think she looks so much older than she is in this one.

She got a bubble maker and she loves it.

We feed her so she wants to feed people too.

She loves the slide.