Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 21 - 27

 May 21st
 May 22nd
 I love her smile!
 May 23rd
 See no evil
 Hear no evil
 Speak no evil
 May 24th
 I told Emma at dinner that we need to do her hair and not just put it in headbands because by the end of the day it looks crazy. And her come back to me was that I think she is beautiful no matter how she looks so why does it matter if her hair looks crazy. Daniel gave her a high five and said she was right.
 May 25th
Emma is such a big helper with Lily she always talks to her and gives her the binky. 
 Mad face
 Sad face
 Happy face
 May 26th
7 weeks old
 Mary in a swimming suit and Daniel's cow slippers
 May 27th