Wednesday, January 21, 2009


EMMA DID IT SHE'S CRAWLING!!!! Her daddy's hard work paid off, on Monday January 19th she crawled to me. I was sad because Daniel missed but I did record it so he got to see it so do all of you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emma trying to crawl
Still trying to crawl
What she wants to do is be big and walk
She looks so big standingAlways so happyEmma had to get a second flu shot. The lady that gave her the shot was trying to make it so Emma wouldn't know what was going on. She turned on the TV and Daniel tried to get Emma to look at him but Emma wasn't going to be fooled. She just looked at the lady and when she wiped her leg with the alcohol wipe she tensed up on my lap. I think she knew what was coming. No one could get her to look away so the lady had to just give it to her. She told Emma there was going to be a little pinch and a poke and it would be done. Emma just watched her move her hands and than when it went in she look at her face and screamed but it was over fast I turned her around and gave her a hug and she was fine. Now we are don with shots for a little while.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When we went for Christmas Daniel's dad and my parents had a highchair and it was so nice. So we went out and got one for our house. We have only had it for two days and I love it. Emma seems to like it as well. It has a toy that she can play with that comes off so she can eat.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Travels

We had lots to do during the holidays. It started out with us driving to Utah. We traveled with some friends and stayed the night at there families house in St. George. So we didn't have to drive all night into storms.
Emma and Sydney (our friends daughter she is 3 months old) after a night out of the car and ready for four more hours in it.
We finally got to Daniel's mom it was Saturday afternoon so we got to just sit and relax. Than the next day we got up and went to church with Daniel's mom so he could see people from his old ward and than went to my parents ward to bless Emma.
Emma's dress her Grandma Phillips got for all the girls
Than on Monday night for family night we went to temple square to look at the lights.
Emma and Jarod before we took off.
Emma all bundled up
Than on Tuesday we went to the Timpanogos temple. It was AMAZING!!Our family that came. My wonderful sister Shannon watched Emma and brought her to the temple and got her ready. We were going to Georgia to spend Christmas with Daniel's dad and we were leaving in the morning so we had Christmas before left.
All the kids wanted to help Emma open her gifts.She got to open some alone.She loved the movies she got. She would open up something but once she was done she would pick up the movies.Than the next day we went to Georgia.We flew with Delta and I just have to say it is stupid that you have to pay $15 to check just one bag. It was Emma's first flight and she did good. She feel asleep before the plane even took off. And when it was landing she was smiling I think it reminded her of when Daniel throws her in the air. She would look at him and smile.
She liked to look out the window.We finally made it to Daniel's dads house.
Daniel's step brothers were there so we had Christmas on the 24th so they could be there for it. Emma got Elmo live And a phone.She loves Elmo.She was to tired to open all her presents so we got up and had breakfast then opened the rest of them. I wrapped her presents in tissue paper so she could open them by herself. She need my help at first. But than she figured out she could do it by herself. After we got done opening presents we went bowling. Emma in her new Christmas outfit.And another one.She would go and go so it was good she finally gave in and took a nap.She met her great grandpa.She would roll over but she stil wanted to watch TV so she had to look up.Our plane left at 6:50 am and they lived an hour and a half from the airport so we had to get up early. We got up at 2:45 am. Emma slept on the way to the airport and woke up when we checked in and stayed awake till we got on the plane. She fell asleep before the plane even moved. Than that night at family dinner we had cake for Daniel's birthday. We didn't have time to have my family Christmas party so we had it on Monday
when we got back. Look how cute she will look with hair :DDaniel's tickling Emma while getting her ready for bed. No wonder she never wanted to sleep. Than we went over to my parents house for breakfast. And they watched her so we
could go to a movie. She loves to play with her shoes.My good friend Alyssa came over. We went over to my friends apartment and they had rock band.
Emma was having fun playing the drums. Emma in her cute bear coat. Trying to stay warm.Than on January 2nd Daniel's sister threw Daniel a surprise party. It was hard to keep it a secret but we were able to do it he was way surprised. Some of his friends made it. Emma was having tons of fun
So were Daniel's friends.
We left the next day so that we could take it slow and not have to be home the day he had to check in. It was a long drive and while I was driving we hit traffic. We were at a dead stop. It was the same way when I drove coming. So when we could pull off I did so that Daniel could drive.
We stopped and had lunch Emma was so happy to be out of the car.
She was laughing and looking around and not eating. Daniel let
her taste his shake but the spoon was to big and it got face. We finally made it home safe and sound. We got home around ten so we left all the stuff in the car and got out so we could get to bed. The next morning we put together the treadmill Daniel got me for Christmas and put it out in our garage.