Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8 2014

Wow it has been awhile since I last posted. I am working on getting up to date but that is a lot of pictures and a lot of time. As most of you know I take a picture of my girls everyday. Well a little while back I went to Maryland to visit a friend. While I was gone my mom had the girls because Dan had school and work. Dan was going to go over and see the girls and take pictures everyday. To make a long story short he got busy and forgot to go over everyday. Which you don't think it would be hard to get a picture everyday but sometimes it is a lot of work to get one. When I got back I was sad at first but after I thought about it I was okay with it. I have so many pictures I don't even know what to do with them. I have some that I just took to take a picture for the day. I still take pictures and plenty of them but I don't feel like I am watching my kids grow up through a camera lens. I am able to go out and enjoy seeing my kids play and even play with them. I love having all my pictures and will be glad to have them to look at for years to come. But I know my kids will remember me more and enjoy me more now that I have put the camera down and spend time with them. I don't like to write much and know I have bad grammar and don't word things the best so I will still mostly put up pictures but just not one of everyday.
With that being said here are some of the pictures I got this week. Emma has finished her kindergarten year. I can't believe how fast it went. With it now being summer I want to go out and spend time having fun and not being in the house watching TV. But with not always having my camera with me some of the pictures are from my phone which still captures the moment and lets me join in on the fun as well.
Sunday June 1st
 I got Lily's hair in a pony tail
  Monday June 2nd
Swimming at Bryce and Maria's
 Lily wouldn't get in
 Jude was happy sitting in his stroller
 Emma, Mary, and David had fun
 Time to go and Lily gets in. 
We stayed for a little longer so she could play.
Tuesday June 3rd
 I got to hold the baby!!
 Lily and David were so excited to see the giraffe
 Emma really wanted the map so she could tell us where to go.
 The lions
They got up and were walking around
 Looking at the monkeys
 David showing us where the gorilla was
 Waiting in line for the carousel
 Waving to his mom
Waiting for the bird show to start
 Emma was so excited to hole Jude
 Grandma letting them put on makeup
 Mary loved the frosting in a can
 The show finally started
 Polar bear
She was up and walking around today
 Lily loved looking under the water
 I was worried they would get burned but when i touched it the statues where cold.
 Sitting on the elephant
 Lily and David took off
 Thursday June 5th
My niece Bailey graduated from high school
 I should have gotten a picture of her.
But her is a picture of Jude with her little boy,
They are 5 weeks apart
 Friday June 6th
Swimming at Bryce And Maria's 
 Lily is doing so well with potty training. She hasn't had diapers for awhile but I was worried with swimming but she told me every time she needed to go
  Jude is such a good boy he was sleeping the whole time.
 Emma made a friend
 Mary relaxing in the water
 Emma relaxing
 Lily was trying to feed Jude.
I love how she is opening her mouth.
 Jude wasn't very happy she was trying to feed him. 
He wanted to be held.
 South Jordan Carnival
 We got 20 tickets for $20
Most of the little rides were 2 tickets
Caterpillar ride
 We got up early and went swimming so Lily was tired
 They loved it
 In line waiting to ride the spaceships
 This one was fun it would bounce up and down. 
They were both laughing
 I am working on getting more pictures of me
 The pirate ship obstacle course
 Mary took off. 
She is on the top bridge and Emma is getting ready to go up the stairs
 The bridge scared Mary so Emma was able to catch up
 Emma pasted Mary up
 It ended with a slide
Mary loved it and went on it again.
Lily woke up and Emma gave her last two ticket to Lily so she could ride a ride as well.
Pony ride

 A lady was doing balloon animals
 Emma got a mermaid, Mary got a pink kitty, and Lily got a monkey.
 Emma's mermaid's in popped so she fixed it for her.
 She told Emma that it could be a hat.
 Cousin David came
 I love how they all hold hands
 Free games!
 David was so cute he would just walk up and put the ball in the hole.
 They told me Emma had a good arm and we should put her in softball
 Mary waiting in line to do the rack wall
 She did so good for a few steps but lost her grip and got scared
 You put the jacket on and run to see how far you could get
 David looks so cute
 Mary didn't get to play all the games because she was waiting in line. Uncle Bryce and aunt Maria took the other kids around. So while Mary was playing games we let the other kids run around the fields.
 After all the fun we got to watch Frozen Sing-a-long at the park. We actually left early because we had a lot of fun and they girls (mostly mom and dad) were tired.

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